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Canada Blower

Manufacturers and distributors of industrial, process and commercial fans, blowers and ventilators.
We supply different types of heating, ventilating and air-conditioning (HVAC) equipment.
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Heat exchangers, cooling and heating coils.: canadianblower

HVAC Equipment Components

Humidifiers and De-Humidifiers

Electrical steam humidifiers
Element and electrode types
Modulating humidification
Gas and spray humidifiers
Refridgerant and desiccant de-humidifiers


Steam electric humidifier for gas humidifiers humidification


Filtration Units

Odor control / HEPA filters
Fan-pack units/ air-tight housings
Filter housings, filter boxes,bag in / bag out


Industrial process air filter filtraion fan blower system

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Dampers and Actuators

Fan and blower dampers
Isolation / flow diverter dampers
Louvers and shutters


Fan blower damper industrial Industrial process airtight air damper Blower fan damper Fan blower air damper industrial

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Air Systems

High penetration air knives
Air curtains / gas gates / air screens
Material handling & pnematic conveying systems


Industrial process airknife for industtrial blow-off Engineering sales of air knife blowers, blow off fans, stainless steel fans and SST blowers, spark resistant ventilators, combustion blowers, vane axial / tube axial blowers, high pressure ventilators, sealed blowers and fans, FRP fiberglass ventilators. High pressure blower system of pressure blowers in series

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Silencers and Enclosures

Blower and fan silencers
Metal & FRP buildings
Vibration eliminators and acoustial enclosures


Industrial gas-fired airhandling unit AHU air handler Silencer fo industrial fan pressure blower

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HVAC Controls

Electric & pnematic damper actuators
Motorized Valves
Control equipment, building automation systems

Electric actuator Neptronic Neptronic electric actuator HVAC fan blower control


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gas-tight and zero-leakage fans and blowers, special sound and critical sound requirements for blowers, fans, ventilators, special blower & fan materials - corrosion resistant / abrasion resistant / high strength and super alloys, high temperature fan & blower applications, spark resistant fan construction, code welding of blowers, API ventilator specifications, steam jacketed fans, insulated blower fans and other custom air-handling ventilator applications.  We offer a complete line of high temperature fans and blowers up to 2200 degrees F. for all air-moving fan applications. Custom, as well as standard fan & blower designs are available for all temperatures and atmospheres, including vacuum blowers and fans.
 Sale of TCF NYB fans / blowers, American Coolair ventilators, Aerovent ventilators / fans, side channel blowers, regenerative blowers, Canarm ventilators, ACME fans, Leader Delhi fans, ILG ventilators, Plastec propylene blowers, New York Ventilators, confined space fans and ventilators.
Virtually every industrial depends on a fan or blower but in many cases, heavy-duty industrial fans are needed opposed to low and medium duty units. Within the industrial fan category are many different types of fans.
Examples of Industrial Fans:
For example, pre-engineered fans have a range of blade shapes and being pre-engineered, they are typically a great cost-efficient choice. Pressure blowers are also commonly used, which are used primarily in combustion air applications as a means of blowing off air for drying and clearing applications.
There are also surge less blowers, which are high-pressure, low-volume units that do not surge as much as other fans. Because of this, extreme turndown is allowed without noticing major pulsation. Acid gas blowers are yet another option, which are very heavy-duty. These blowers are best suited for inlet pressures that range from full vacuum to 100psig.
Sub-Fan Types:
Industrial fans also come in many different subtypes.
Air Foil – In this case, the fan has hollow air foil profiled blades. This design is excellent when quiet operation and high efficiency are mandatory. Typically, these fans provide continuous service where draft applications are needed to include industries like power generation, metals, rock products incineration, and so on.
Backward Curve – This is another high-efficiency fan but because the design includes single thickness and curved plate blades, dust particles seldom build up. These industrial fans are most often used in high-pressure applications and provide excellent tip speed operation.
Backward Inclined – In this case, the blades are flat and bent backwards slightly. As such, the velocity pattern of air that passes through the wheel is matched, thereby providing high-efficiency operation.
Radial Blade – The blades on this fan are also flat but what makes them unique is that they are arranged in a radial pattern. Ranked as being “rugged”, these industrial fans usually have liners that are erosion resistant, which ultimately extends the life of the rotor.
Forward Curve – Many people refer to these industrial fans as being squirrel cages. For the highest volume flow rate, this is the best fan. This type of centrifugal fan is commonly used in high-temperature furnaces but they also work great for a wide range of commercial and industrial applications.