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Canada Blower

Manufacturers and distributors of industrial, process and commercial fans, blowers and ventilators.
We supply different types of heating, ventilating and air-conditioning (HVAC) equipment.
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We now offer replacement fans and cartridges for Garden City high-temperature fans
(up to 2200 deg F) at very competitive price


High temperature industrial plug fan Garden City high temperature fan blower


Choice of different centrifugal wheels for high pressure applications:


  • forward curved
Replacement fan blower ventilator wheel blade
  • radial paddle
Replacement blower blade wheel fan impeller
  • radial-tip
Supply of HVAC fans and blowers, large fan ventilators, commercial ventilators & fans, portable blowers fnas, electric blowers & fans, heavy duty blowers, cooling ventilators, direct drive blowers, ventilation fans, multistage blowers, high volume ventilator fans, rotary lobe pressure blowers, fan / blower packages.. Fan blower impeller balde and replacement wheels
  • backward inclined
Industrial process high temperature blower wheel and replacement impeller


Fans utilizing axial blade wheels are used in applications requiring very large volumes of flow at low static pressure.  Air flow discharges parallel to the axis rotation.

High temperature oven plug circultion fan blower Axial fan wheel ventilator blade
Canada Blower serves the following markets:

Carbon black production
Sulfur recovery
Furnaces in smelters & refineries
Waste water treatment aeration
Electroplating tank solution agitation
Sugar conditioning
Glass tempering
Asphalt oxidation
Fermentation process
Filter cake dewatering
Pneumatic conveying
Drying of metal & non metal strips
Air Knives
LNG plants
Asbestos dust removal
Paper dust pick up and slitter knives
Zinc coating
Clean and super clean rooms
Central vacuum cleaning systems
Paper dewatering
Textile and carpet dewatering
Cooling and heating
Gas boosting
Process air
Air purging
Air curtains
Air cushions
Air sampling
Metal and plastic extrusion
Fish ponds and aquaculture tanks aeration
Exhaust and corrosive fumes removal
Bio-gas recovery
Methan removal
Soil clean up
Digester gas
Combustion processes
Military aircraft ground support equipment
Vacuum holding
Steam removal


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Canada Blower high temperature fans include four aerodynamic designs offer a wide range of solutions for thermal process applications:

    Operating temperatures up to 2,200 F (1,200 C)
    Volumes up to 440,000 CFM (750,000 cubic meters/hour)
    Pressures to 80” WG (2,000 mm WG)
    Fan Wheel Diameters to 102 inches (2,600mm)

Canada Blower  high temperature fan can be designed and built in a variety of configurations to meet your needs (belt or direct drive fans):

    Housed fan
    High temperature plug fans
    Insulated double wall housings
    Un-insulated housings
    Reversible axial flow fans
    Gas tight construction

Canada Blower high temperature fan can also be custom designed to fit your thermal treatment equipment. Typically, air cooled shaft and bearings are used to eliminate costly and problematic water cooling.

Engineering of Twin City Aerovent fans, CBC Chicago Blower fans, Acme fan ventilators, New York Blower, ILG American Coolair fans, fans for building ventilation, industrial high temperature oven fans, furnace blowers, leader ventilators, Delhi fans, negative pressure ventilators, USA industrial fas blowers, explosion proof pressure blowers, blower air knives, high temperature pressure blowers.
Radial Fans
Canada Blower is a supplier of heavy-duty industrial process & OEM fans and blowers. 

Canada Blower Radial Fans are ruggedly constructed and cover a wide range of performance requiremens for such applications as:

* dust collection
* pneumatic conveying
* moisture blow-off
* ovens and dryers exhaust
* combustion air
* heat recovery
* incinerators
Heavy-duty industrial equipment is specifically designed and built to stand up to the rigors of an industrial application. The differences are concrete and easy to spot... if you know what to look for. Canadian Blower designs and builds equipment strictly for industrial applications and has been doing it that way for over 100 years. Industrial fans and blowers are constructed of heavier duty materials and with higher quality components than their commercial counterparts. When properly applied, industrial equipment can withstand vibration, high and low temperatures, fumes and corrosive gases, materials in the airstream, and many other situations in an industrial environment. The equipment is built to provide longer service life, thus decreasing the need and frequency for replacements. Because industrial fans are expected to last longer, they are designed to be easy to install and maintain.
Designers and manufacturers of industrial process air moving systems: blowoff air knives, dust collectors, fume scrubbers, process air curtains and vacuum pumps. Quick delivery of packaged dust collectors, cyclones, air knives and air curtains.

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industrial air products refurbish of Garden City high temperature fans and blowers. Industrial Air Engineering for Industrial Fans, Illinois Blower Fans, Industial Air Products, High Temperature Fans, High Heat Blowers.  We supply heavy duty & high-temperature industrial and commercial fans, high pressure blowers, high temperature insulated fan blowers, high capacity industrial oven blowers, combustion gas fans, oven circulation fans and blowers, high temperature axial fans, high heat centrifugal fans.